That makes AVANTO

Only with good employees who enjoy working with us we will prosper in future. It is important to us that everybody on board is satisfied and feels to be part of something. Active collaboration amongst our team members is key to good co-operation and success. – Pretty easy, but too often forgotten.


Men and women work for us und deliver solid work. They are coming from different areas, cities and cultures. We welcome everybody who shows an interest to achieve results with us and act as a community.


We offer a professional product and our work is alike. We meet each other openly, respectful and with the ambition to satisfy our customers and partners.


Bremen – still committed to the Hanseatic traditions and yet striving to a fully connected world. This balancing act makes Bremen special. Bremen is full of enthusiasm and initiative. The people behind are diverse and unique. What unites them is: They are venturing and at the same time do not only think of themselves.

Currently, there are no open positions