The time and cost effective solution for a sophisticated presentation of your objects (homes, hotels, etc.) based on 360° panoramic photos. Create tours independently with a click on a button, up-load your panoramic pictures in no time to the internet and the simple to use content management system allow you to create 360° tours. – Foolproof! Take pictures with the high definition 360°-camera Ricoh Theta SC with one click. The Ricoh-Theta HDR-App in combination with the Feelestate CMS allow you to easily generate high-quality 360°photo strings. With the cost-free starter package you have the chance to use our product and learn about the advantages.

Make use of e-learnings based on 360° panoramic photos. On a PC, laptop, pad or smartphone your employees will experience on a virtual base their work environment like in real life and therefore grasp content fast and reliable. I addition to that we provide tools to test the improvement of your employees or document those to make sure you cover your special liabilities. Thanks to our Panocreator (CMS) you can refresh content yourself and you are always up-to-date